Cheap USB flash drives

Cheap USB flash drives: How to choose one


Cheap USB flash drive


USB drives are what everybody has nowadays and because of the usual cheap USB flash drives that are available everywhere, we tend to grab the first one that catches our eyes, looks cool or simply lower than the price range that we expected.

But what should we consider when want to go ahead and buy that attractive flash drive?


Flash drive capacity


We usually see what capacity we need for now, but considering double the needed capacity would

help a lot when we just need a little bit more. Some cheap USB flash drives are far better than

the old days and buying one would do the trick.

Many flash drives will last a few years and you might want to think about the capacity need for the

next 3-5 years. For example, if you already have a 16GB flash drive and you think you need a bit more,

consider at least a 64 GB drive, just in case.


Brand: Does it make a difference?


Yes, but the customers’ reviews are your best friends. There are brands that might not be well-known in your country, but reading reviews will show you that they are quite popular overseas and they are well worth the purchase.

Well-known brands like Samsung, Kingston, transcend, HP, etc all make some good flash drives now, that are within reach.



PC or Mac?


Remember to ask if the flash drive supports Mac data or it only supports PC.


High Speed


This one is well worth the higher price. If you think you don’t need high speed, you will happen to

need it later. Even when we rarely need the faster USB drive, it is wise to buy a USB 3.0 comparing with

a USB 2.0 drive.


On the move or traveling?


You might want to think about:

  • Water resistant
  • Compact drives
  • Capless
  • Key ring/bracelet/necklace
  • Shock resistant




The longer warranty is better, of course. But as you are not buying a high-end drive, think about when

you are going to buy the next flash drive. For most people, even a 2-year warranty is more than enough.


Wrap up


Now that you are prepared and you know everything inside out about choosing a suitable flash drive,

you can buy one with peace of mind. By the way, I didn’t mention ‘Encrypted flash drives’ above, as

they do not come cheap and definitely not needed by most of us.

Have a good one,




4 thoughts on “Cheap USB flash drives

  1. Thank you for the article, Max!
    At least this article will help people who are clueless about what to consider when getting a thumb drive. Most of the time, people will just simply go for items on sales/promotion or off the shelf. All because of the lower price but never take into consideration the relevant factors. For me, I always do research before getting anything. Do provide more advice and insights in the future when you have more things to share with us. Thank you in advance! :o)

  2. This article definitely is helpful. I’ve had to use a flash drive a few times in the past, and it was always one of those things that should have been simple but wasn’t for me for some reason lol. But next time I have to use one I’ll certainly refer to this. Do you think flash drives will always be around?

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Jasmere.

      I think because of the presence of flash drives with capacities over 512 GB,
      at least the encrypted drives with those high capacities will be around in the
      future, since they are useful for security reasons, as well.

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